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Direction “State and municipal administration”

Direction "State and municipal administration"

Programme “Organization of state administration”

About the programme

A master’s degree is the highest level of higher professional education that allows to get an in-depth specialisation in the chosen professional field and is in demand on the domestic and international labour markets.

The master’s degree in “Public and municipal administration” with the specialisation “Organisation of public administration” is a deep analytical and practical training in the field of public administration and business, law, economics and international relations, the ability to implement major projects and programmes, solve complex problems at the intersection of disciplines and professional activities.

The programme is aimed at:

  • administration representatives of the Russian Federation federal and regional executive authorities, municipalities and state companies;

In the course of training students will acquire systematic, integrated competencies that allow public managers / administrators to understand the situation and achieve high results in professional and personal life in a specific socio-political and economic environment.

  • business representatives who seek to improve the efficiency of their companies ‘ interaction with state and municipal authorities, as well as those who want to continue their career in the Russian Federation administrative institutions, large public-private or commercial structures;

In the course of training students will develop professional competencies in the field of public and business administration, contract psychology and cooperation between business and the state, public management, economics, law and modern skills for organising professional work of private companies with state agencies at the regional and federal levels.

  • undergraduate (Bachelor’s degree) and graduate students from all Universities in Russia and abroad.

The training duration is 2 years (more than 1500 classroom hours).

The training format is full-time, flexible schedule (3-4 working days from 18-30 to 21-50 and Saturday from 10-00 to 17-30).

The training starts on September 1, 2021.

The programme graduates receive a Moscow State University named after M. V. Lomonosov diploma of higher professional education with a Master’s degree in the direction of “State and municipal management”, specialisation “Organisation of public administration”.

Competitive advantages

The programme “Organisation of public administration” in the GSPA MSU is distinguished from other programmes by individual attentive approach of the School administration and tutors to each student during the whole training course and after graduation; deep practical orientation of the curriculum and active support of the School in implanting each of its alumni into the right job place, where the graduate is known, loved and welcome.

The School also provides:

  • internships in state institutions of the highest level, a deep connection of training with long practical experience at the public administration position as a civil servant;
  • a convenient format for combining classroom (practical) classes and independent work, European standards of training;
  • individual learning path and personal attention from tutors and the School administration both during training and upon graduation;
  • the School’s training staff involves department heads of the Russian Federation Presidential Executive Office, the Government Executive Office, leading experts and practitioners in ministries, agencies, state, municipal and large business structures, heads of various government levels and business, famous Russian and foreign practitioners with experience in interacting with state and municipal authorities;
  • studying the English language, opportunity to attend training and internship abroad.

The programme is developed and implemented jointly with the GSPA MSU’s strategic partner – the French National School of Administration (ENA, Ecole Nationale d’Administration), a recognised world leader in training personnel for the civil service of France and the European Union, the European school of management, whose graduates hold key positions in the highest political and public power echelons.

The article about ENA and the GSPA MSU can be found in the magazine “Vokrug Sveta” (“Around the World”).

The programme provides for implementing an individual learning path (the training programme is formed individually, including a Master’s degree research on the topic chosen by the organisation that orders the student’s training or chosen jointly by the student and the tutor. Students have organisational and managerial internship in the federal executive bodies, large public-private companies or at their permanent job).

The GSPA MSU alumni hold senior positions in the federal and regional executive bodies, work in public-private corporations and private companies at various levels (more about alumni employment).


Admission rules to Moscow State University named after M. V. Lomonosov in 2021.

Entrance examinations:

  • State and municipal management fundamentals – a written examination.

The entrance examination programme for the discipline “State and municipal management fundamentals” (in writing) for applicants entering the Master’s degree programme in “State and municipal management” (the programme “Organisation of public administration”).

Applicants submit the following documents to the Selection/Admission Committee:

  • personal application for the first year of the Master’s degree programme admission;
  • photocopies of the applicant’s identity and citizenship documents;
  • original or photocopy of a state-issued document of higher professional education;
  • four 3×4 photos (black-and-white or coloured photo without headwear on matte paper taken in 2020);

When submitting documents in person the applicant must present documents certifying their identity and citizenship, as well as a state-issued document of higher professional education.


  • Management history, philosophy and methodology
  • Public sector economy
  • Public administration modern theory and technologies
  • State and municipal management legal aspects
  • State and municipal management practice current issues
  • State and municipal management information and analytical support
  • HR policy and HR audit
  • Foreign language
  • Management skills in civil service
  • Communication management in civil service
  • Human resource management in civil service
  • International public administration problematic issues
  • Public finances
  • Project management in civil sector
  • Strategic forecasting and planning in public administration
  • Anti-corruption measures in the Russian Federation civil service
  • Local self-government
  • Public communications practice (in a foreign language)
  • Innovative management in public administration
  • Programme and target planning and management in the public sector
  • Comparative public administration
  • Crisis management in the public sector
  • Public and personal management in civil service
  • Regions’ competitiveness and investment appeal
  • Managerial decision-making and implementation
  • Civil service current problematic issues
  • Organisational behavior in civil service
  • Methods for improving civil servants’ personal and managerial effectiveness
  • Information flow management, information modelling, planning and activity analysis in civil service
  • Inter-faculty training courses
  • Research work
  • Research seminar, conferences
  • Production practice
  • Pre-graduate practice
  • State examination and Master’s degree research