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Direction ”HR Management”

Direction "HR Management"

Programme “HR Management strategy”

About the Programme

The Advanced School of Public Administration Master’s degree programme “HR management strategy” is developed in accordance with the educational standard independently established by  Lomonosov Moscow State University for higher education programmes in the direction “HR Management” for training master-degree students.

The HR management strategy is the main human resource and the main “trigger” in implementing the prospects for socio-economic and spiritual development of Russian society aimed at the future. The core of all changes and the key element of innovations is the human, their active need to consciously participate in transformations, take the initiative, and reveal their best talents. The task of the manager is to use available human resources at their full capacity, stimulate active motivation and the need for the personnel creative and professional self-realisation.

The Programme is aimed at:

  • training middle and senior managers at various social organisation levels (federal, regional, municipal) in certain areas and types of activities (business), as well as specialists who hold state civil service and municipal service positions as organisation heads or candidates applying for these positions as well as those included in the personnel reserve;
  • undergraduate (Bachelor’s degree) and graduate students from all Universities in Russia and abroad.

The Programme’s key task

The Programme aims to prepare professional managers who will be able to implement the function of managing people at a new qualitative level, effectively solving the personnel contradictions that have matured in society, anticipating “personnel hunger”, preserving professionals’ personnel potential, ensuring continuity, constantly motivating people to reveal and develop potential personal opportunities, unrealised abilities, talents and gifts.

The Programme’s specific features

The programme’s special feature is interactive training, involving leading Russian and foreign experts, professional practitioners in the field of modern personnel technologies and personnel consulting development and application. Domestic and foreign internships are provided.

The programme pays special attention to acquiring knowledge, developing special competencies and professional abilities of the manager, which enable to act effectively amid economic crises and the resulting personnel instability. The educational process includes solving cases, conducting trainings, business games, workshops and seminars.

Tailored workshops and special courses for developing  innovative techniques, mechanisms, methods and techniques of modern HR activities are used in class.

The programme provides the most complete picture of using human resources in the business environment. The programme’s alumni have systematic knowledge, possess the skills and abilities necessary for the effective implementation of human resources management strategy at various levels of government in state and municipal institutions, business structures. This ensures the manager’s high professionalism, competitiveness and social success as well as arouses social trust in the manager’s activity.

The master’s programme “HR management strategy” in the ANSPA MSU is distinguished from other master degree programmes by innovative educational technologies, creativity and personification in forming and developing specialised professional competencies of the future master for implementing not only HR management strategies, but also for exercising highly qualified personnel management of state and business structures. The ANSPA’s practice-oriented focus is a complex pedagogical support of students in the educational process and upon graduation, active employment assistance to prestigious positions in state and municipal civil service institutions and leading major business organisations.

The training duration is 2 years.

The training format is full-time, flexible schedule.

The training starts on September 1, 2021.

The programme graduates receive a Moscow State University named after M. V. Lomonosov diploma of higher professional education with a Master’s degree in the direction of “HR management”, specialisation “HR management strategy”.


Admission rules to Moscow State University named after M. V. Lomonosov in 2021.

Dear applicants!

Documents submission for the first year of the Master’s programme in the Graduate School of Public Administration Lomonosov Moscow State University (for the programme “HR management strategy”) begins on June 20 and ends on July 20, 2021.

Entrance examinations/tests will be held in accordance with the schedule approved by the MSU Central Admission Committee.

Entrance examinations:

  • HR management fundamentals – a written examination.

The entrance examination programme for the discipline ” HR management fundamentals ” (in writing) for applicants entering the Master’s degree programme in “HR Management” (the programme ” HR management strategy””).

Applicants submit the following documents to the Selection/Admission Committee:

  • personal application for the first year of the Master’s degree  programme admission;
  • photocopies of the applicant’s identity and citizenship documents;
  • original or photocopy of a state-issued document of higher professional education;
  • four 3×4 photos (black-and-white or coloured photo without headwear on matte paper taken in 2021);

When submitting documents in person the applicant must present documents certifying their identity and citizenship, as well as a state-issued document of higher professional education.



  • Organisation and organisational design theory
  • Labor law and HR document management
  • Remuneration management
  • Performance efficiency management
  • Organisational activity motivation
  • HR development technologies
  • Organisational culture management
  • Human resources provision
  • Information and analytical technologies in HR management
  • Modern methods in HR strategic management


  • HR consulting and audit
  • HR management
  • HR technologies in the state and municipal service
  • HR policy
  • Civil service personnel strategic marketing
  • HR planning
  • HR strategy and personnel reserve
  • Managerial economics (in a foreign language)
  • Project and programme management in the public sector
  • State and municipal finances
  • Public and business communications for a highly qualified specialist (in a foreign language)
  • Foreign language
  • Inter-department training courses

Optional applied Master’s programme disciplines:

  • HR economy
  • Education economy
  • Business administration
  • Administrative management methods in civil service
  • HR potential state regulation
  • Control in HR management
  • HR social development management
  • Personal and professional development strategies
  • HR management in state structures
  • HR security in state structures
  • HR service development
  • Records management in HR services
  • Research work
  • Research seminar, conferences
  • Production practice
  • Pre-graduate practice
  • State examination and Master’s thesis