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Postgraduate study

Postgraduate study

The postgraduate programme in the ANSPA MSU named after M. V. Lomonosov  aims to provide graduate students with conditions for acquiring and developing knowledge, skills and abilities necessary for expert and analytical activities as well as for defending a scientific qualification work (thesis) for the Candidate of Sciences degree.

The ANSPA MSU named after M. V. Lomonosov  accepts students for its postgraduate course in the direction 38.06.01 ” Economics “, specialisation (profile) 08.00.05″ Economics and national economy  management” on a competitive basis.

Training format: full-time.

Training duration: 3 years.

The School also provides a special postgraduate support for passing examinations and preparing postgraduate research (thesis) for the Candidate of Sciences degree (competition/degree-seeking).


+7 495 510 52 05 (the School’s reception)


Admission to the postgraduate programme for training  teaching and research staff in the ANSPA MSU named after M.V. Lomonosov is held in accordance with the admission rules for MSU postgraduate programmes for training teaching and research staff.

Admission plan for the ANSPA MSU postgraduate course is 10 places on a contract basis (agreement sample for paid educational services).

Submitting documents procedure

The following list of documents is required for admission to the postgraduate course in the ANSPA MSU on a competitive basis:

  1. application for admission to the postgraduate course addressed to the MSU Chancellor (application sample)
  2. a document certifying the applicant’s identity and citizenship
  3. a copy of a specialist or master degree diploma with an appendix/assessment list (a copy is provided along with the original, in the absence of the original, the copy must be notarized)
  4. two matte photos 3×4
  5. abstract on the chosen research field (abstract requirements)

Entrance examinations/tests are held in September. Nonresident applicants for the period of entrance tests are provided with a dormitory (if rooms are available).

Applicants to the postgraduate programme take the following entrance examinations:

  1. Philosophy (examination programme);
  2. Foreign language (examination programme);
  3. Exam in a major discipline (“Economics and national economy management”) (examination programme).

Entrance examinations in Philosophy and Major discipline are held in the Russian language in the interview format. Entrance examinations in a Foreign language combine an interview form and a written test. The level of the applicant’s  knowledge in each subject is assessed on a five-point scale (five being the highest point). The exam in a Major discipline is a priority when ranking the applicants lists.

The applicant has the right to file an appeal to the Appeal Committee on violation ( in the opinion of the applicant) of the established procedure for conducting the entrance examination and (or) on disagreement with the received entrance examination results assessment (General rules for filing and considering appeals).

As part of the entrance examinations for  the postgraduate course applicants can be added one point for individual achievements in scientific and educational activities to the points sum obtained as a result of entrance examinations. The following individual achievements are taken into account when applying for postgraduate study at the ANSPA MSU: a diploma of higher education with honours; publications in peer-reviewed journals indexed in the Web of Science, Scopus, and RSCI databases; winning all-Russian, regional, university and departmental competitions for research or innovation projects aimed at solving practical problems of the country’s socio-economic development or participating in the final round of these competitions. The presence of at least one of the listed individual achievements provides one additional point to the sum of competitive results obtained by participating in entrance examinations.

The applicant provides documents confirming the individual achievements to the School’s Admission Committee.

When ranking applicants with the same number of points, the Admission Committee (based on supporting documents) may take into account additional information about the applicants’ individual achievements.

The specific procedures for accepting documents and organising entrance examinations at the School for applicants with limited abilities are determined in accordance with section 5 of the Admission Rules for training  teaching and research staff in Lomonosov Moscow State University and section V of the Order for Admission to higher education programmes-teaching and research staff training postgraduate programmes.

Admission to the  postgraduate course starts from October 1.

Nonresident applicants enrolled for the postgraduate course are provided with a paid dormitory (if available).

Admission applications for the postgraduate course with the attachment of all the required documents are to be sent to the address: MSU, Leninskie Gory 1, Moscow, Russia, 119991, indicating the School/Department (the ANSPA) or by email aspirantura@anspa.ru with the subject line “Postgraduate admission documents”.